Personal Mythology
Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past—
Creating a Vision for Your Future



Author Preface to the Third Edition
Introduction by Jean Houston, Ph.D.
Foreword to Original Edition by June Singer, Ph.D.

An Invitation: Renew the Dream That Quickens Your Spirit

First Stage: Identifying Underlying Mythic Conflict
Week 1: Into Your Mythic Depths
Week 2: The Presence of Your Past
Week 3: Recognizing When a Guiding Myths Is No Longer an Ally

Second Stage: Understanding Both Sides of the Conflict
Week 4: Bringing the Roots of Mythic Conflict into Focus
Week 5: Contacting Resources for Mythic Renewal

Third Stage: Envisioning a New Mythology
Week 6: Working Through Mythic Conflict
Week 7: Conceivng a Unifying Mythic Vision

Fourth Stage: From Vision to Commitment
Week 8: Committing to a Renewed Mythology
Week 9: The Presence of Your Past

Fifth Stage: Living from Your New Mythology
Week 10: Weaving a Renewed Mytholgy into Your Inner Life
Week 11: Translating Your New Mythology into Daily Life
Week 12: Your Evolving Mythology

Support Guide 1: Deepening Your Experience

Support Guide 2: Working with Your Dreams

Support Guide 3: If the Program Becomes Unsettling

Support Guide 4: Bringing Energy Psychology to Mythic Transformation