Fact Sheet

Personal Mythology
Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past—
Creating a Vision for Your Future


Fact Sheet

TITLE: Personal Mythology
SUBTITLE: Discovering the Guiding Stories of Your Past—Creating a Vision for Your Future
AUTHORS: David Feinstein, Ph.D. & Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
FORMAT: Trade Paper
GENRE: Psychology
AVAILABLE FROM: Ingram, Baker & Taylor
FIRST PRINTING: 5,000 copies
DISTRIBUTED BY: Midpoint Trade
SIZE: 7″ x 9″
EDITION: Revised Third Edition
ILLUSTRATIONS: 15 Illustrations
PRICE: $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-60415-036-0

CONTACT: Deb Tribbey, Deb@AuthorsPublishing.com


In times of massive change, threat, and opportunity such as ours, a culture’s cherished beliefs and traditions do not help people effectively confront the challenges of an uncertain future. Its leaders battle between those who cling to outmoded visions from the past and those who see new horizons, sometimes inspired and sometimes severely misguided.

These same conflicts go on within each of us, and the culture’s guiding myths and myth-makers tend to bring us into greater illusion or confusion rather than clarity and understanding of what is truly required of us. We are each challenged to forge our own maps through the chaos.

This book, now in its third edition, provides you with powerful methods for cultivating such inner guidance, meaningfully attuned to your own highest values, potentials, and real-life situation. It shows you how your culture and your past have conspired to shape a uniquely personal guiding mythology, with many strengths and with some liabilities, and it gives you tools for navigating into a future that is based on your own mythic wisdom and the most progressive messages your culture has to offer. It is the essential user’s manual for the modern psyche, a 12-week program rooted in the best of modern psychology brilliantly combined with ancient spiritual traditions and methods for finding wisdom and inspiration from within